The Cultural Memory Workshops are a regular get together where we explore questions of cultural memory. Cultural memory, for us, engages with the presence of the past in contemporary culture. All of our sessions are open to the public and we are always looking for new ideas and collaborators.

Each session has its own format and subject but will respond to the theme of the series: Belonging/Unbelonging. Belonging is often a socially or culturally constructed feeling. We may feel as though we belong to a nation, a culture, a place, a race or ethnicity, a gender, a religion, a community, or a group. But we may also feel excluded. In both instances, our sense of belonging and unbelonging is vital to how we understand ourselves as individuals and as part of larger movements.

This year the Cultural Memory Workshop asks what do we mean by belonging? How do we nurture it, perform it, and sustain it? When do we resist it, critique it, re-invent it? We will explore the theme of belonging/unbelonging in a series of diverse, exciting, and thought-provoking activities and events across the city taking place between September 2016 and May 2017.

Cultural Memory Workshops are run by David DeanMonica Patterson, and I.

For more information and for the full program, please visit our website.