object affinity

Object Affinity explores affective and subjective ways of engaging with museum objects and spaces. Begun as a series of interdisciplinary workshops at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, my colleagues and I have explored ways of moving from university to public engagement. It is driven by the questions: What do these objects mean for me? What does cultural heritage…

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fabulous mr fox

In partnership with Oxford’s Story Museum, ‘Fabulous Mr Fox’ explores the polysemic legacy of Berechiah ha-Nakdan, a 13th century Jewish polymath – he was a grammarian, translator, punctuator, stone connoisseur, and most important for our purposes, a fabulist. He adapted Aesop’s fables for a Hebrew-reading audience. His mishle shu’alim (fox fables) is still widely read and is an important part of…

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experiments in ekphrasis

Writing for art involves a simultaneous deciphering and re-enciphering. Rebecca has worked closely with artists to find language that translates abstract and conceptual art into engaging and accessible stories. She has developed narratives for Berlin-based porcelain artist Maria Volokhova‘s Top Girls, Still Life Stories, Sus Bonus, and Bestiarium series. Maria’s beautiful work is both whimsical and poignant. Her hybrid…

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light lichen line

Light Lichen Line was a transdisciplinary ideas charrette several Carleton colleagues, Trina Cooper-Bolam, Johan Voordouw, and Jerzy Elżanowski, and I ran in February 2017. It was a pilot for a new course format, established a long-term relationship between Carleton and the Museum of Nature, and it tested a methodological experiment that investigates alternative stakeholder consultation…

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public scholarship and pedagogy

In my current capacity as the Executive Director of the Carleton’s Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis, I will be overseeing three collaborative research projects this year: Memory Studies, Transnational Cities, and Global Pedagogies. Please watch the CTCA’s website for updated information. I have also had the opportunity to design two courses for Carleton’s School of…

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cultural memory workshops

The Cultural Memory Workshops are a regular get together where we explore questions of cultural memory. Cultural memory, for us, engages with the presence of the past in contemporary culture. All of our sessions are open to the public and we are always looking for new ideas and collaborators. This year the Cultural Memory Workshop…

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