Light Lichen Line was a transdisciplinary ideas charrette several Carleton
colleagues, Trina Cooper-Bolam, Johan Voordouw, and Jerzy Elżanowski, and I ran in February 2017. It was a pilot for a new course format, established a long-term relationship between Carleton and the Museum of Nature, and it tested a methodological experiment that investigates alternative stakeholder consultation models.

We asked our student teams to develop an installation concept for the Queens’ Lantern at the Canadian Museum of Nature. The students produced beautiful, critical, and ethical work.


As a spin-off of this project, Trina and I ran a community/university charrette – Re-imagining a Bunkhouse – in Ottawa’s Sandy Hill neighbourhood. Our exterior and landscaping plan will be realized by the developer and our community marker will be used in subsequent projects.

My colleagues and I will continue to develop the methodologies and networks first outlined in Light Lichen Line with the ultimate aim of building sufficient capacity to merit a Public Scholarship Lab.


Watch this space for updates on this enigmatic and enchanting project.