doctoral project

Berlin’s Neues Museum is one of the most moving and enigmatic cultural institutions I have encountered in my life of visiting cultural institutions. Originally built in the mid-19th century by Stüler, student to Berlin’s original starchitect Schinkel, the Neues Museum housed the Ancient/Pre-history and Egyptian Collections and offered a grand narrative of human history from the Tower of Babel till…

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architectures of reconciliation

Architecture is one expression of the Promethean impulse: fire builds, fire burns, fire re-builds. It is the re-building that is relevant here. While questions about authenticity, aesthetics, and symbolic nation-building accompany every project attempting to contend with detritus, the specific questions guiding this project are:  Are there architectures that permit reconciliation to be experienced as…

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bullet hole constellations: forty years of museums and memory in berlin (1989-2029)

Bullet Hole Constellations offers an in-depth analysis of museum architecture and curatorial practice in Berlin’s cultural memory landscape. Anchored by close and contextualized readings of three iconic museums – the Jewish Museum (1999), the Neues Museum (2009), and the Humboldtforum-Stadtschloss (2019, projected) – – the monograph traces three distinct phases in Vergangenheitsbewältigung(the critical and dialogic working through of…

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ottawa monuments: multidirectionality

Though I initially returned to Canada to conduct a cross-country study of major museums, I quickly realized the untenability of conducting a critical project aimed at assembling a national narrative – even one that uses pluralism as its organizing principle. I decided to switch my research focus to engaging with various negotiations between local, national,…

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past-forward placemaking

Disturbed by the ways in which memories are often left out of imagining futures, Sarah Gelbard, Amanda Montague, and I developed a series of workshops and activities aimed at storytelling in and against the realities of stakeholder consultation for urban development projects. We have mostly emphasized on the plans for a new Public Library in…

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