Architecture is one expression of the Promethean impulse: fire builds, fire burns, fire re-builds. It is the re-building that is relevant here. While questions about authenticity, aesthetics, and symbolic nation-building accompany every project attempting to contend with detritus, the specific questions guiding this project are:  Are there architectures that permit reconciliation to be experienced as an on-going process rather than as a symbolic endpoint? What are ethical ways for these architectures to be produced and used? How do physical embodiments of reconciliation function within local, national and transnational frameworks?

Architectures of Reconciliation is my new major research project. It will elaborate a rigorous and multivalent critical concept through a combination of case studies and engagement with a wide range of sources.

The project is just at its outset and I am eager to explore all possible pathways – those known to me already and those I will discover along the way. I will update this space as the story develops. Please be in touch should you have any responses to the questions above or reflections on the theme.